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Investment Property Advice

Buying an investment property has proven to be a great way to accumulate wealth. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding property investment and a lot of unregulated groups spruiking their investment property ‘advice’ whilst receiving an often-undisclosed commission from the developers or builders they recommend.

In addition to the commission they receive, some of these property groups also charge the investor a fee for their service. There are also many ‘advisors’ receiving undisclosed commissions for referring their clients to property groups, developers and builders. This presents obvious conflicts of interest and leaves many clients with no protection against unlicensed and unregulated advice.

I believe full disclosure and separation of the compensation for providing the advice from the compensation for selling the property will mitigate these conflicts of interest and leave the client better informed to make to right choices, avoiding the mistakes made by some landlords.

Getting expert advice and guidance from licensed practitioners will help you grow your property portfolio quicker whilst maximising the return on your investment.

Why us?

Our Approach

M2 Financial Services has been providing property investment advice for over 25 years. As licensed Financial Planners, Mortgage Brokers and Tax Practitioners; our approach to successful property investment cuts through the myths and emotions and maintains a focus on the math's and logic, without any conflicting commission arrangements.

A lot of landlords do not consider Investment Profiles, Property Cycles, Ownership Options, Finance Structures, Depreciation Schedules, Tax Variation Authorities and Cash Flow Modelling when buying an investment property. A good knowledge of these key aspects is vital to ensure efficient property investment.

When structured correctly, the cost of acquiring and holding an investment property is often a lot less that you may think.

If you are interested in building wealth through property investment then contact our team of experts today and arrange your fee free, no obligation ‘Step 1’ review.

our step-by-step guide to property invesment
Step 1 - Initial Review
Here are some of the questions we will cover in our intial review:
- Is property investment the right way for you to achieve your goals?
- What type of property investor are you?
- What are the risks associated with property investment?
- What can be done to mitigate these risks?
- How much would it cost to buy an investment property?
- How much would it cost to hold an investment property?
- How much of this cost is tax deductible?
- What is a Tax Variation Authority?
- What is Depreciation and how does it impact your costs?
- What is the difference between owning the property in individual names and joint names, or through a company or trust structure, or even through a Self-Managed Super Fund?
-What are the advantages and disadvantages of each way the debt could be structured?


Step 2 - Getting Prepared
Step 3 - Finding the Right Property
Step 4 - Property Analysis
Step 5 - Recommended Structures
Step 6 - Organising the Loan and Settlement
Step 7 - Ongoing Reviews
how much?

Our Fees

As mentioned above, the initial review (Step 1) is provided complimentary without fee or obligation.

As Financial specialists, we delegate the responsibility for property research and acquisition (Step 3) to Property Groups and Buyers Advocates that we are happy to recommend. As we have elected not to receive any referral fees from any service providers to avoid any conflict of interest, and because they streamline their service to their areas of speciality, the service providers we recommend are able to reduce their costs to you, often by an amount greater than the fee we charge for our service.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, our preparation, research, analysis, recommendation, implementation and review services are provided on a flat fee for service basis.

As Mortgage Brokers our Licensee (Loan Market) will receive an upfront commission of approximately 0.6% of the loan amount and an annual commission of approximately 0.2% from the lender. Some of this commission will be passed onto M2 Financial Services.

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